Vitamin injection therapy is the administration of vitamins and nutrients directly into the muscle. What is the difference between taking vitamins by mouth and taking them via intramuscular injection? When a vitamin is taken orally, it must survive strong stomach acids and this dynamic only allows for about half of the
vitamin’s potency to be absorbed into the body. By taking an intramuscular injection, the vitamin bypasses the stomach acid and directly enters the blood stream allowing the full potency of the vitamin to absorb into the body.

Check out our intramuscular vitamin selection below!

Vitamin B12
B12 plays an essential role in the everyday function of human life. When a person is deficient in b12 they may experience symptoms such as fatigue, slow metabolism, brain fog and unstable mood. For our b12 injections we offer methylcobalamin because it has a higher rate of retention in the body, making it more effective. B12 injections are ideal for someone with a b12 deficiency or someone looking to naturally increase their energy levels. Can be given once a week.

Cost: $25 per injection or 4 shots for $85

Vitamin D
Vitamin D plays an important role in bone health and neurological functions. An estimated 42% of the population is said to be deficient in vitamin D. Vitamin D injections can be used in for vitamin D deficiencies, weak bones and decreased immune function.

Cost: $35 per injection or 4 shots for $100

Fat Burning Injection
A mixture of B vitamins and lipotropics that convert fat into energy, increase metabolism and assist with healthy appetite suppression. Great for weight loss or a natural energy boost. This injection is given intramuscularly once a week